Posted on Facebook by Nicholas John Taylor - August 1, 2013

Out of Respect for everyone who prayed and kept my mom in their prayers, I am letting you know and am very sad to say that my Beautiful, Strong, Courageous Mother passed away today. She went as peacefully as a person could go. She loved everyone and always had a smile on her face. She never harmed a fly and did not deserve this so quickly but she lived her life to the fullest and is now happy with my dad wherever he may be. She will rest now in the arms of Mother Earth. Out of respect for me and my brother, please give us some time to grieve. I will reach out if I need any advice or help but please do not call. It is very uncomfortable for me to talk about it now. This message will be reposted all day and the rest of the week in memory of the most caring mother in the world. I will be posting on youtube a memorial video that I made for her and I will put the link on FB later. May you rest in peace ma................... I LOVE YOU — with Sally Smuclovsky and Jill Taylor McCall.

Best Mom In The World - Nicholas John Taylor
Best Mom In The World - Nicholas John Taylor
Posted on Facebook by Nicholas John Taylor - May 11, 2014

I Love You Mom and hope that your are watching over me as I journey through life. This is a poem I wrote for my mother for Mother's Day when I was 13 and I think it deserves to be resurrected on this first Mother's Day without my wonderful, amazing mother. Let me warn you. It is kind of corny but it was special to my mom and if you are wondering about the big words for a 13 year old it is because I used a thesaurus. It was titled......


What a mother I have who'd do all those things
She's just like an Angel just minus the wings

I remember it clearly to this very day
when out in the yard we would all play

Mom threw the ball just as high as can be
and Nick dived and caught it by the old Ficus tree

It's getting dark, the last play of the game
Win or lose, you're my Mom just the same

But when the next play would start to begin
Dinner'd be ready and we'd have to go in

I also remember Dr. Abrahams house
When you gave me money to buy a small mouse.

Then Daddy got angry and slammed the door
I once had a mousie but not anymore.

He took it outside so he could air it
and two weeks later came Joey the Ferret

I live off the fun I have with my mother
so does my dad as well as my brother.

I cherish the moments when we are together
and hope that this feeling is more than forever

One special moment just caught my mind
and still to this day is one of a kind

It's all very vivid and all very clear
in our backyard to the left and the rear

An old tire swing which is now worn and beat
that's easily viewed from forty eighth street

This was the site of our everyday fun
no responsibility because there was none

Our fun went on all day and all through the night
not a quarrel, a rumble or even a fight

I enjoy my mom's company and she enjoys mine
our beings are separate but our hearts intertwined

But many years later our relationship faded
the fun that was there was now dull and jaded

We started to argue and also to fight
Our once joyous love was barely in sight

Now I am trying to build back what I lost
rearranging emotions which were brutally tossed

I can't believe your gone my sweet friend
I can't believe your gone my sweet friend
From Susan Clemens August 2, 2013
From Susan Clemens August 2, 2013

I lost my very dear friend Sally Smuclovsky.
I will keep you close to my heart girlfriend.
Until we meet again. RIP my beautiful friend.
I will NEVER forget you.
I love you! XXX OOO