With MANY THANKS to the Land Lovers Reunion Committee members, who are/were:
Karen (Andrews) Seitz; John Buck; Dennis Jump; Ric Larson; Cathy (Moore) Garrett; Cindy Wethers; and Pam (Adams) Lewis.

Cathy Moore-Garrett
Monday, July 12, 2010
Wow a lot of planning and hard work went into this reunion "Picnic in the Park". 
So glad I was a part of it and it is over now I can look forward to the cruise. 
It was so great to see SOOO many clasmates. 
Sorry it was hot but that's one thing we can't control is the weather. Hope everyone enjoyed it.  Would like to see a lot of comments from others that were there. 
Some have mentioned meeting again in two years for our 60th birthday party. 
That would be a great time to plan for an Alaskan Cruise. We would have time to save for it so we could have more people able to come. Lets make it a longer cruise and in the summer when more people can take their "summer vacation". 
I will not be on another planning  committee. So someone get a group together and plan something for our 60TH and get the word out fast so more classmates can attend. 

Thanks, Cathy Moore 
Judy Fahs Hurd A big, big thank you to all involved with the reunion - it was great!! So many more people than I had anticipated!!
Vicki Girvan Haskin The 40th reunion party was GREAT! Renewed so many friendships over pictures and past stories. Lots of laughs and smiles. Thanks to the committee people, Pam due pass the "Thanks, job well done" to those not on fb. It definitly was a" blast from the past" fun
Rick Staples To Pamela Adams Lewis and those who made this a Great renuion want to Thank you all. Had a Great Time.
OK people, you get the hint. Send me your comments about the Lola Valley Reunion to post here and PLEASE go to the Memory Lane page and post your reunion pics. THAT is what this site is all about.