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Hey guys, in case you haven't spotted it yet, we've got a chat room here for talking about whatever you want, and passing messages back and forth.
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Hey Charlie - Just thought I would surprise you and type you a message. Looks like no one has anything to say as of yet ... I am anxiously awaiting to hear when we finalize the trip and get the dates! Thanks again for pulling this together. Image
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Hello all. It is a wonderful site and am so glad to see all the pictures. i have been thinking a lot of old times and wishing all the best. i was not a real easy guy to know and had a lot of personal issues then I did not handle well. If I hurt or offended anyone please let me say i'm sorry. I wanted to be friends but didn't really know how. i wish all well. It is amazing my change in attitude,thanks to my wife and kids and my love of colorado. love horse riding and helping at ranches and rodeos. Miss you all and always wanted to be kind and friendly. Pray we can come to the reunion,you might be surprised how good and kind I can be now,and miss everyone. Thanks for contacting me and look forward to hearing from folks. if anyone comes to Colorado look me up,I would love to show folks around.your pal,Jim Trumbo.