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Detroit Rocks
Howdy All, just taking in the Detroit Rocks section of the web-site and noticed the article on Seger which also highlighted the John Sinclair Freedom Rally in Ann Arbor. Larry Cooney and I were...
Last Post: Mar 7th 2010
Author: JohnW
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summer of '69
40 years ago,seems like yesterday,we were heading into our senior year,partying like there was no tomorrow,falling in love or looking for love,trying on ideas and dreams for size,suffering a bit for...
Last Post: Aug 2nd 2009
Author: jftrumbo
# of posts: 1
haggerty road
Anyone remember going "ghosthunting'in the country,especially on Haggerty road? Don't know if that's how it is spelled,it's been so long. There are some darn funny tales about that,a couple of good...
Last Post: Jun 25th 2009
Author: jftrumbo
# of posts: 2
Message Board
Hey guys, in case you haven't spotted it yet, we've got a chat room here for talking about whatever you want, and passing messages back and forth.
Last Post: Apr 29th 2009
Author: redwingsfan51
# of posts: 3